Berthing at Port Royal Marina

Slip Fees and Reservations

Slip fees are based on boat length or slip length, whichever is greater. The overall length of any vessel is defined as the distance from the most forward of the vessel to the further position aft, this includes all items such as pulpits, anchors/anchor rollers, davits, swimsteps, outboards, bowsprits etc. Neither vessel nor any part of the vessel may project into the fairway more than 3 feet.Slips are assigned to accommodate vessels with no overhang except as permitted by the marina. Definitive slip fee amount will be determined upon arrival and inspection by marina personnel.

Application Policies

1. A deposit is required prior to move in.

2. First month’s fees are due for full month, second month’s fees will be prorated.

3. Slip fees are due on the first of every month.

4. A key deposit of $25.00 for 1st key. Any other keys can be purchased.

5. Parking permits two at no charge, additional permits are $25.00 each.

6. A written notice to vacate must be provided 30-days prior to the date of vacating.

7. Subletting of slips is not permissible.

Application Procedures

1. A copy of the current registration/documentation or a copy of the bill of sale in the name of the person applying for the slip.

2. Insurance policy naming Marina as additional insured and showing $300,000 liability coverage.

3. A current color photograph of vessel

4. A credit report will be required and run on the applicant

5. Vessels older than 20 years must provide a copy of survey conducted within the last 12 months.


1. Liveaboard positions must receive prior approval from the marina, there will be an additional monthly fee charged.

2. Liveaboard vessel must be at least 30′ in length and must have an approved operational head (MSD) w/ holding tank.


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